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Scions of Sinai

This boutique Stellenbosch winery (< 900 cs/yr) focuses on Rhone varietals and purity. Rare for the area, Winemaker Bernhard Bredell follows organic, dry farming, and natural winemaking practices. He is on a quest to restore his seven-generation wine farming roots, sustainably. He is renting back his family’s seventh generation vineyards that his father sold off and was slated for a co-operative, and instead is preserving, organically, these almost extinct old bush vines to showcase their inherent, old-age beauty. In a short period of time, Bernhard has earned a reputation for making some of the best, small production, natural wines in South Africa. “I believe wine ‘making’ should become obsolete when you work with a vineyard that can express their own sense of place (terroir) with authenticity and purity”, says Bredel. “Then, in the cellar, it becomes much more a ‘Guidance’ process than a ‘Making’ process and nothing needs be added nor taken away. My biggest hope is to have the consumer experience this clear/pure expression of a place, a vineyard and its soil in a certain time…totally subjective to a vintages unique variables – something completely non-replicable.”