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Bosman Family Vineyards

Bosman Family Vineyards is an 8th generation family story of vine to wine devoted to responsible, artisanal winemaking. Since 1707 (before the US was founded!) the Bosman family has been practicing a deep commitment to people and nature. Known for their viticulturally acumen, for 7 generations the family sold their highly regarded grapes to other wineries and focused on their vine nursery business. Now, one third of all rootstock grown in South Africa came from the Bosman Family. In 2008, the 8th generation decided it was time to reopen the 260 year old family winery, and commemorated it by certifying their already existent Fairtrade practices and giving 26% of their robust business - winery, vineyards, and their iconic vine nursery - to the workers. In addition to being strong environmental stewards, Bosman has built schools, clinics, and community centers, provides homes for workers to live in year-round, and even built a retirement village, For this and much more, they were named Ethical Company of the Year by Drinks Business. The artisanal, honest wines that their two female winemakers, Corlea Fourie and Natasha Williams, craft are reflective of the thought and care that goes into everything they do.