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We support inclusion, diversity, and sustainability in the wine industry. Our (really) high standards mean that we offer extraordinarily good wines from extraordinarily good people. We are proud to present a one-of-a-kind wine club that lets you drink your values.



Learn why Wine for the World's founder Mika Bulmash was named a 40 under 40 Tastemaker for 2020 by Wine Enthusiast


Until now, our wines have only been available to trade in select states - we were founded as a wholesale import company. We're excited that wine lovers around the US can now access some of our most popular, and hardest to reach wines - through a unique club.

About Us

our standards

Social Responsibility

Since 2013, we've believed it is important to be a responsible global citizen.  To us, this means that the wines we sell embody and support diversity and equality. Our producers also employ respectful work environments and fair labor practices for all workers – including living, not just minimum, wages. Some of our producers are additionally Fair Trade certified, and some also support community efforts like music and the Arts.  

Environmental Sustainablity

We seek producers that embrace environmentally sustainable practices because they, like us, philosophically believe that healthier grapes make better wine - and are better for the world. They are certified by local and/or international organizations for organic, biodynamic, or at minimum, sustainable viticulture practices. Several of our producers use solar panels for their energy needs, and are even carbon neutral!

Women Winemakers

Most of our wines are made by female vintners. At first, we thought it was coincidence that we gravitated this way - or maybe subconscious. Then we realized that in traditionally male-dominated countries, these vintners have worked harder to prove themselves. This is now something we seek out - both to champion impressive women around the world, and because, the wines are just really, really good. 


We look for delicious wines - because let's face it, if it's not delicious, we're not going to drink it either (and we're quite picky). We've found that artisanal wines - those with limited production, that are lovingly looked after from grape to bottle - tend to be the most delicious. Our producers are small, family owned businesses whose passion is making remarkable wines in a responsible way.

Minimal Intervention

Did you know that it's legal to add hundreds of additives in the process of making wine? Not in ours. Our producers' wines are made of just grapes. Most of our producers also use native or natural yeast to ferment. They use gentle winemaking techniques, which often take longer than what's in the mass market, but the results are worth it.


The spirit of collaboration is a huge part of our DNA. We celebrate the world’s talent by bringing great minds together. Whether it’s collaborating as winemakers, or as a company, this is our way of making the world just a little smaller. On that note, we'd love your inputs. You'll find that we're a different kind of wine company, and you're a part of our producers' journey too.

Wine Club


Great wine is often a reflection of the heart and soul behind the people who make it.

Our vintners include winemakers of color, female trailblazers, small families, and LGBTQ+ winemakers. Some are carbon neutral from field to bottle; some farm organically and craft minimal intervention, natural wines; all prioritize and promote environmental sustainability.

Every shipment from our wine club touches upon a unique theme within the world of wine and social or environmental impact, allowing you to learn about the producers' philosophies and winemaking styles. 

Wine club shipments include 4 bottles delivered to your door. The wines will be an assortment of white, rose, orange, red, and an occasional sparkling wine or petnat, and can be delivered monthly or every other month. We are excited to include our most popular wines that often sell out, as well as some hard-to-find gems. With each shipment you'll also receive information about the impressive wines you’re drinking.

All wines are sold and fulfilled by Grain and Vine, a Brooklyn retailer. Shipping Included.


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